Laboratoire d'analyse vétérinaire : hématologie, biochimie, microscopie, tests rapides...
Radiologie numérique et échographie
Consultations et prise en charge des animaux à domicile sur toute la côte basque

Clinic tour

Our veterinary clinic is located 691 avenue d'Espagne, Bidart (see map below). We welcome all pets, dogs, cats and exotic pets, whether for simple advice, consultation, or emergency surgery.

Since early 2013, the veterinary clinic takes place in new premises, which allow us to ensure a care package even better to your companions and better quality care. We offer you an comfortable, modern and warm array to serve you better, as well as places thought for the well-being of your companions and to reduce their anxiety.

The architecture of the clinic makes it possible to work in a serene environment, to act quickly when necessary, and keep an eye on our hospitalized residents.

Your new clinic benefits from easy access and ample parking reserved for our customers.


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