Laboratoire d'analyse vétérinaire : hématologie, biochimie, microscopie, tests rapides...
Radiologie numérique et échographie
Consultations et prise en charge des animaux à domicile sur toute la côte basque


Medical consultation

 We are a general clinic. So we can take care of animals, whatever the reason for consultation . Nevertheless, we are equipped to go further in certain disciplines.

Veterinary ophthalmology

 We are two veterinary graduates in veterinary ophthalmology and ophthalmic microsurgery.


Blood and urine tests

 Our very recent equipment allows for immediate blood tests (hematology, biochemistry) , urinalysis , microscopic examinations (blood smear , Pap smears , skin scrapings , layers ... ) and many specific rapid tests . Our analyzers are specifically made for animals.

Medical imaging

 We have gone digital with a brand new veterinary radiology machine , which allows for more precise shots.


Surgical block

 Our new surgical block comply with the recommendations to ensure the optimum aseptic conditions. We have a gas anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring.


 Our animal hospital benefiting from individual boxes with heated mattresses , water and food suitable for convalescence, possibility for everyone to install infusion oxygenator monitoring. Hospitalized animals are monitored by CCTV.

Emergency and resuscitation

 Our clinic is equipped to host and manage an animal in shock . We have also a gateway specifically dedicated to emergencies.